Dangerous Goods Photoshoot


Dangerous Goods is a drum and bass label concept. I have been a keen follower of the drum and bass underground scene for many years now. I created all the label artwork from the logo, to record sleeves, merchandise, editorial interviews, flyer design, banners, photoshoot and website e.t.c. The idea behind this project was to create a portfolio of graphic artwork that was related to the music industry. I want to target record labels, artist, bands, dj’s, producers, night clubs, veejays and publishing company’s for freelance graphic artwork. I want to use this work to show potential clients and employers my interest in musical related design. I hope this shows you i can handle any type of graphic work related to the music industry. The concept of the label was influenced by three gas masks i own (British s10, Russian standard issue and Israeli 4A1 civilian). I chose the gas mask monika because its dark and stark and reflects the nature of the drum and bass released on the label, (darkstep, neurofunk, tech). Going on from gas masks the labels theme was influenced by HAZMAT and the clean up of dangerous goods. I was influenced by info graphics and signage design, especially the warning signs that come with hazardous materials. Signs stand out and are clear and concise. I wanted my record sleeves to stand out from all the others in the crates at the record stores. The label features four up and coming dj’s and producers: Kane Dubstep, Templar, Kin and Logical Lew. I hope you enjoy the project, i really enjoyed creating this artwork.

photography, photoshoot, graphic, design, gas, mask, drum and bass, music, record, label